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A week later, The staging that WWE carried out during Survivor Series of The Undertaker’s competitive retirement is still very much in vogue. The veteran seems to have definitely left his raincoat, gloves and hat behind, as in theory he was going to do at WrestleMania 33, confirming what was said about the WWE Network documentary ‘The Last Ride’.

A segment, designed exclusively by Vince McMahon, which, as we have been commenting on in SUPERLUCHAS, did not receive unanimous praise, perhaps due to its lack of pomposity and artifice, considering Taker’s tradition. Apart from, of course, taking place in an empty arena with an audience present. The Godfather, one of the guests, acknowledged that the meeting of the Bone Street Krew in petit committee 24 hours before was much more fun.

The Undertaker saying goodbye at Survivor Series 2020 - WWEThe Undertaker saying goodbye at Survivor Series 2020 - WWEWwe

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Some fans also pointed out in disgust at the use of a handful of Taker’s former teammates for no reason., because once everyone got together on the ring, the next sequence of the broadcast showed the string only occupied by Mr. McMahon.

Y Booker T, present at the closing of Survivor Series, wanted to explain to the listeners of his podcast why this strange carousel of legends.

“We were there to be there for that moment and to be there for Undertaker. That moment was not for us, it was for Undertaker. It was his moment. Anything we would have said would have overshadowed what the Undertaker said, because we know Undertaker, and he was never a guy who talked a lot. One thing not to do is give a handful of old fighters a mic.. We would have been there all night.

The legends present at Undertaker's farewell at Survivor Series 2020 - WWEThe legends present at Undertaker's farewell at Survivor Series 2020 - WWEWwe

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Next week is the Winter is Coming special from AEW Dynamite. And in it we will see the expected clash between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega for the AEW World Full Weight Championship.

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