WEE : What should you know before the Elimination Chamber of Raw?

Today Sunday, February 21, a unique event hits the screens of WWE Network, Elimination Chamber. To the cruelty of this metallic structure is added the aggressiveness of its participants who They will not hesitate to unleash their full potential as the WWE Championship will be at stake when Drew McIntyre steps into the ring.

Anyway, whatever happens tonight, might not be relevant for WrestleMania since there would still be another pay-per-view event before the «Immortals Showcase» and that is FastLane, which will take place a few days before the event of the year Sunday March 21.

Elimination Chamber Raw

Elimination Chamber Raw

► Things to keep in mind before watching Raw’s Elimination Chamber

Drew McIntyre’s rivals? Nothing more and nothing less than five of the Superstars who have already won this championship on some occasion, and they all have more than enough reasons to do it again. On the one hand, Kofi Kingston, who earned a spot in the Elimination Chamber last Monday by defeating The Miz on Raw. The possessor of the Money in the Bank briefcase did not believe it necessary to risk his physical integrity inside the steel structure and preferred to give up his position, originally to John Morrison. Kingston’s victory will allow him dreaming of the world championship again two years later having achieved it at WrestleMania 35.

Sheamus, who until recently was one of the champion’s best friends, he will try to show that he was always better than him and he is not on the right track since last Monday managed to beat him in the main event of Raw making sure to enter the last to the Elimination Chamber fight. AJ Styles will not be alone since Omos, surely he will manage to give you a hand if you need it. 14-time WWE World Champion Randy Orton is the coolest thing about being a champion, and with the record of Ric Flair and John Cena between eyebrows, “the viper” is even more dangerous if possible.

Lastly, Jeff Hardy. I didn’t need any introduction either, and this may be the last chance that comes his way in his long career to win the precious championship. If you have always been willing to do anything, putting your health in serious compromise, What will you not be able to do to become a WWE World Champion?

Drew McIntyre faces all this. The Scotsman arrives in one of his best moments, after having defeated Goldberg at the Royal Rumble and with the “prize” of being able to face Edge at the WrestleMania main event. Before he will have to leave the Elimination Chamber unscathed and we will see him live and live on WWE Network today Sunday, February 21 and we will also do a space tracking in Super Fights You sign up?

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