WEE : This would be the type of fight that Sting will have in AEW Revolution

After a month and a half of implications in AEW, the Elite company announced without further delay the luchistic premiere of Sting under his dominions, when few expected such a confirmation to arrive so soon.

But it seems that Tony Khan wants AEW Revolution, his first PPV of 2021, to be an absolute turning point for the company, in the style of Bash at the Beach 1996 for WCW, or Bound For Glory 2007 for IMPACT! Wrestling. The jump to the “big leagues” should be a matter of time from this next February 27 (date not yet written in stone, according to Dave Meltzer), and Sting appears as the spearhead.

LAST MINUTE: Sting will fight in AEW Revolution

► Sting no longer needs to prove anything

When AEW made the clash of “The Icon” a couple of days ago, it was careful to reveal in what form it will present this unmissable event, only pointing out that we will see a “Street Fight.” And at the time of writing this note, it still does not offer further details. Will we see Sting distribute the usual stuff, or on the contrary, will we be facing an “Elite” version of The Undertaker’s “Boneyard Match” at WrestleMania 36?

Dave Meltzer opts for the second way, when addressing such a big news in the most recent Wrestling Observer bulletin.

“Sting & Darby Allin vs. Ricky Starks & Brian Cage in a street fight is also on the show. This will almost certainly be a cinematic match. You have to be careful because Sting is very close to 62 years old and has a damaged neck, combined with spinal stenosis, despite the fact that a cinematic encounter should be able to protect it».


I consider it absurd that Sting risked his physiqueBecause although the goal is to elevate Darby Allin, it is not necessary that in pursuit of it he has to star in a formal meeting. Its mere presence is already attractive to fans, who also do not expect the veteran, at this point in his career, to exercise competitive talent. Sting said he is willing to “get his hands dirty” at AEW, although we should not take those statements at face value.

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