WEE : This is how The Rock went from having 7 dollars to having 90 million

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most famous Superstars on the world art scene, and obviously, we’re not just talking about WWE. 2020 was the second year in a row that The Rock was the highest paid actor in the world according to data provided by the American magazine Forbes. In 2019 he entered his bank account 89.4 million dollars and last year, despite the health crisis, he achieved almost the same amount, 87.5 million.

At 48 years old, Dwayne Johnson has also become one of the most successful producers in Hollywood with his production company Seven Bucks and also has his other successful businesses such as Teremana tequila and ZOA energy drink; in the absence of what happens in the XFL, the football league that bought Vince McMahon and of which he is a co-owner. But, Where do you get time? What is your secret? What generates self-determination that leads to success?

Ken Shamrock vs The Rock 01Ken Shamrock vs The Rock 01The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock in WWE

►The secret of Dwyane «The Rock» Johnson

At 25 he had only $ 7. At the time, Jim Ross told it this way:

When he was released from his contract with the Calgary Stampeders, he didn’t have a lot of money, so we met him in florida to see how he worked. I took him to eat at a Cuban restaurant and several girls came up to us to fill our glasses, although some did not work there. He said he would like to buy me out, but he only had seven dollars. That’s why later he called his production company ‘7 Bucks Productions’. That day he told me that he would become my great man ».

In an interview with CNBC, The Rock recalled having gotten everything out of utter misery.

«For many years, and to be honest with you, my determination and my ambition were marked by a single thought: ‘I didn’t want to be a spoil’. Most of my determination and psychology is based on that thought and I knew that I had to work hard day after day to never be a waste to society again«.

And, as The Rock recalled again:

“When I was 14 years old, they evicted the whole family from our one-bedroom apartment on a little island in Hawaii since my parents had no money to pay the rent. It was a small studio that cost $ 120 a week. One day, when we got home there was a padlock on the door and an eviction note from the police. My mother could not take it anymore and began to cry. Where were we going to live? What were we going to do?

► Your lifeline

The RockThe RockThe Rock with his father Rocky Johnson at the Hall of Fame ceremony

But things could always get worse. The Rock remembers that around then he started getting into fights and stealingUntil he was able to channel all that anger and learned to focus and control it to focus on what really mattered to him. So began to cultivate his physique with countless hours of gymnastics until at age 18 he received a scholarship to play college football in Miami and, later, receiving the opportunity to debut in WWE in the late nineties:

Before I came to WWE I was in a small organization in Tennessee, where He fought at night at thrift markets, fairs, auctions, and all kinds of events for about $ 40 a night. It was then that I learned that the most important thing I could do was make those few people who came to see me fight happy.

«Once I managed to have enough money so that they wouldn’t throw me out of the house again, I started to worry about taking care of the people who had the least, serving the people and my public. To this day I am still aware of all this, I knock on wood and I am still a grateful spirit for having had the opportunity »