WEE : They criticize Eddy Reynoso for “talking too much”

What is being talked about this week is nothing more than the fight between Alacrán Berchelt and Oscar Valdez.

So much so, that the debate between who will win has reached the coaches.

On Berchelt’s side we have Alfredo Caballero, a world-class trainer who currently trains 3 world champions: Yeimi Mercado, super bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Council; Miguel Berchel, WBC super featherweight champion and Gallo Estrada, WBC super flyweight champion; to mention the talent he currently manages.

Eddy Reynoso, for his part, has Canelo, champion of 4 different divisions and whom he has led since childhood; Julio César Martínez, WBC fly champion; Oscar Valdez, Ryan García and Andy Ruiz, too, to name a few.

Well, in many media the “fight between corners” has been handled, as they assure that in the fight between Berchelt and Valdez it will be a war of strategies.

So the networks have addressed the issue of who is better, if Alfredo Caballero or Eddy Reynoso.

But that’s not the worst part, because although the fight is one-man fight, it is achieved with teamwork in the gym, but the fight is between Miguel and Oscar.

The worst came when in an interview, Eddy Reynoso mentioned:

«If Berchelt wins, that doesn’t make Caballero better than me»

It has since fallen to Reynoso as there is no idea.
First, because of his “lack of humility,” for making the issue about him and not about the fight, but mainly because “he is making the bed” for Oscar’s defeat.

That is, his words are interpreted as that he sees a lot of risk that Oscar Valdez loses, as if he did not trust him.

One more day in Canelo’s team, in the life of Eddy Reynoso, who must be used to criticism by now.

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