WEE : The Rock wouldn’t be happy with their last two matches

Almost five years ago, this author produced an article that collected, in a private opinion, the five worst stars in the history of WrestleMania. Y in third place I placed that The Rock vs. John Cena from WrestleMania 29, with the WWE Championship on the table, then around the waist of «The Great One» after snatching it from CM Punk, ending one of the best reigns in the history of this scepter and incidentally, once again depriving « Best in the World “to occupy the star of a” Show of Shows “.

Rematch of the previous installment of the great event that was an enjoyable match, faced with the question of who would win in a clash never seen before. Intríngulis from which the second part suffered, since it was logical that its meaning was to offer a redemption to Cena.

But as if that were not enough, “The People’s Champ” was injured in the crash, which caused the delay of the filming of the film Hercules, and made that, in response, Hollywood beware of new unforeseen events due to wrestling; reason that since then we have not seen The Rock beat the copper on the ring to use.

Only three years later, the veteran had another competitive interaction, at WrestleMania 32, where he beat Erick Rowan in just six seconds and later had the help of Cena to get rid of The Wyatt Family, in a performance that can be considered more cameo than anything else.


► The Rock wants to say goodbye at the height of his career

And although “Rocky” doesn’t need to prove anything at this point, Those last two competitive memories seem like they will urge the current movie celebrity to play another match, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

Unless you’re so busy that taking part in a WrestleMania match could bring down a great movie project, I’d say we’ll see at least one more fight from The Rock.

«I don’t think he wants his last fight to be the second against Cena where he got injured. I see Roman Reigns, and the idea of ​​Roman taking on Rock and beating him seems like the perfect last moment for Rock, but we’ll see.

The Rock would not return to a WrestleMania until 2023

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