WEE : The Rock would consider running for the presidency of the United States

The former star of Wwe and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, He admitted that he would consider running for President of the United States, if the people are what they want.

And it is that for many years A possible US president has been seen in the former wrestler, based simply on his charisma and fame. But in politics everything is possible and it would not be unreasonable for this to happen.

I would consider having a presidential race in the future if that’s what people want. I really mean it I have no doubt about it, but of course, everything would depend on the people. So I would wait and listen. If everything was favorable, why not? “, Declared The Rock in USA Today.

► Famous people as part of politics

And it is that in the United States an actor has already been president, Ronald reagan, who had a modest career, participating in more than 20 films. Besides a billionaire like Donald trump, that without forgetting that Arnold schwarzeneggerFamous for his action roles, he was Governor of California.

Also in many countries of the world, entertainment and sports people have been immersed in politics, so it does not sound unreasonable to think that The Rock can occupy the most important position in America.

►The Rock biographical series

The Rock premiered series this Wednesday, titled Young Rock where you can see the life and evolution of Dwayne Johnson as an actor, fighter and person. This series is being broadcast on NBC.

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