WEE : The powerbomb that dissipates? doubts about Sting’s physical condition

When a couple of months ago, Sting revealed that he was willing to “get his hands dirty” on AEW, we frame it within the parameters of a competitor’s age and injury history such as “The Icon”, who under the same interview, hinted that his competitive career would be limited to cinematic struggles.

A) Yes, we assumed that Sting would be included in a hypothetical list of “untouchables” of AEW, due to his neck problems and a spinal stenosis (caused by that infamous Buckle Bomb during his duel with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015) that caused him to hang up his boots there almost five years ago, during the Hall of Fame Ceremony from WWE 2016.

Reason why, When it was announced that he would fight at the AEW Revolution PPV on March 7, we immediately assumed that it would be recorded in the style of The Undertaker’s “Boneyard Match”, where he did not receive blunt punishments. Here’s what Dave Meltzer said about it.

«[…] This will almost certainly be a cinematic match. You have to be careful because Sting is very close to 62 years old and has a damaged neck, combined with spinal stenosis, even though a cinematic encounter should be able to protect it».

Sting on the December 9, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite / AEWSting on the December 9, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite / AEWAEW

► The sequence that many never contemplated for Sting

But if we did not have enough with the simulation in which we live since 2020, Sting stole the spotlight on Wednesday when he wanted to face Team Taz without even using his bat. And the unthinkable happened.

Tony Schiavone was asked on the Dynamite Post-Show why AEW risked playing with Sting’s health, and the commenter said the following.

«Because obviously Sting wants to. And obviously think it’s good for business. And by the way, even if that powerbomb was very terrifying, and I know where you want to go, Sting is fine. There you take it.

It should not really surprise us that Sting, at least, could star in such a sequence, because if we pull the newspaper library, In 2018, the ex-WCW confessed to Lilian Garcia that he was trained.

«My neck doesn’t bother me at all. For the first couple of months after wrestling (against Seth Rollins in Night of Champions), I had a dull ache that was there all the time and was difficult to sleep with. Now I have no side effect, no problemSo all I know is that the neurosurgeon said, ‘You’re so lucky that a catastrophe didn’t happen.’ […] I have to be careful but it’s sad too because I feel like I could still fight».

Maybe I’m wrong and Sting will surprise us playing several 20-minute battles to use, if we see the case of Edge (also suffering from a spinal stenosis). To this day, its competitive capacity is unknown, and perhaps it is much better than was believed in all this time, although Everything still points to the fact that this clash of pairs with Darby Allin will have a cinematographic character.

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