WEE : The nascent rivalry in the CMLL during the pandemic: Bandit-Templar

During the COVID-19 pandemic, several interesting clashes have been seen within the CMLL, especially in the PPV broadcast on Ticketmaster Live; However, there is a rivalry that seems to have overlooked some fans of Bandit and Templar.

The two young fighters began to face off at TV shows in several of the channels that have an agreement with the company. The quality of both and the aversion that each of them feels was immediately shown. Even the Templar tore off the mask of the «Most Wanted».

After a heads up, history repeated itself and the Lion again unmasked his rival; Despite the fact that both had a good encounter, the rude fighter decided that he would rather humiliate him than stay with victory.

The two fighters have known each other for many years, since in independent territory they shared many encounters and now as part of the CMLL, the sports zeal has put them in a war without quarter.

This duel is growing a lot and has left good fights; so it would not be unreasonable to think of some future betting duel. Although this will still have to wait, as currently there are no longer recording functions for television by red light in Mexico City and there is no planned event for Ticketmaster Live.