WEE : The activity will return to the CMLL, there is already a restart date

After three months without activity, the CMLL will once again have live functions, so the realization of the Jr. VIP Cup.

This Wednesday, the Colonia Doctores company announced that the event that had to take place on December 25, It will be held on March 26 on the Arena Mexico behind closed doors.

The transmission will be made by means of Ticketmaster Live and can be contracted on the page.

The 12 fighters who were scheduled for that tournament are:

Mephisto Mystic Carístico Felino Jr. (ex Tiger). Negro Casas Felino Atlantis Jr. Red Mist Angel of Gold Star Jr. Stuka Jr. Soberano Jr.

At the moment no details of the function have been given, as it could undergo some change in the tournament or in the previously agreed fights, such as Flying Jr. vs. Bandit, which has already been suspended twice.

There are just a few days left so you can support the fighter and collaborator of SUPER LUCHAS, Heavy Boy, with any amount. who is raising funds for a delicate surgery.