WEE : Terry Funk supports Omega-Moxley III: “Good way to kick Vince McMahon’s butt”

The night Jim Ross called Kenny Omega “WWE Champion,” this gladiator and Jon Moxley gave a new blow on the industry table with a risky ad that continues to talk.

What could be the next step for Omega and Moxley, after what was seen in the brutal “Unsanctioned Lights Out” of AEW Full Gear 2019? Well conjure an explosive “Deathmatch” with barbed wire. Perhaps there was no other, unless the Elite wanted to take the risk that the longest rivalry in its history would not have a (presumably) closure at the height of the circumstances.

Because I would dare to say that AEW Revolution 2021, appointment of next March 7 that will host this unusual meeting, will be the most important in the history of the new company. And in this sense, it is somewhat shocking that the star of the PPV that will mark a turning point in the aspirations of AEW to make the leap to the big leagues, has precisely a stipulation far removed from the tastes of the “mainstream” public.

A direct message to WWE and the corseted mental schemes of yesteryear that today are still embodied in the figure of Vince McMahon. It is no coincidence that the first choice as a name for AEW Dynamite was AEW Revolution.

And it is that a server has questioned the legitimacy of that condition of revulsive of the industry with which those responsible for AEW day after day also proclaim themselves, but With creative decisions like the one at hand, Tony Khan y Cía begin to make me change my mind.

Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley will bring the extreme back to the mainstream showcase

► The blessing of «The Hardcore Icon»

Such an announcement has not gone unnoticed by the godparents of these “death matches” explosives in Japan in the 90s, which made many look beyond the traditional puroresu and joshi of AJPW, NJPW or AJW. Y Terry Funk was without a doubt the “gaijin” par excellence. Reason for his personal social media manager, after clarifying that the legend is fine (in response to the recent concern generated by a tweet from Dustin Rhodes), wrote the following.

«I just spoke to Mr. Funk and he is improving. He wanted to wish Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega the best of fortunes in their explosive barbed wire combat. Says combat is a good way for AEW to wake Vince [McMahon] with a good kick in the butt. He wants you to know that he supports you!»

Terry Funk supports the Omega-Moxley III: "Nice way to kick Vince McMahon's ass"Terry Funk supports the Omega-Moxley III: "Nice way to kick Vince McMahon's ass"AEW

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