WEE : Sting’s new appearance announced after Brian Cage’s powerbomb

He is serving Sting with all the predictions that were drawn about his “rebirth” in AEW: regular character on television, role of talent elevator and combat in a PPV. Though These mindsets were somewhat knocked down during the most recent episode of Dynamite.

As if that serious injury at Night of Champions 2015 that made him announce his retirement five years ago had never taken place, Sting received a powerbomb from Brian Cage when attempting to take on almost the entire Team Taz solo without the help of his famous bat. The unthinkable took place on Elite soil.

And despite the forcefulness of the movement, it was highly controlled at all times, thanks to Cage’s good work in executing it. A) Yes, Tony Schiavone answered why Sting did such a sequence, restless at the state of the legend.

«Because obviously, Sting wants to. And obviously think it’s good for business. And by the way, although that powerbomb was very terrifying, and I know what point you want to get to, Sting is fine. There you take it.

Sting's new appearance announced after Brian Cage's powerbombSting's new appearance announced after Brian Cage's powerbombAEW

► The “day after” of Sting

And without further delay, perhaps in order to avoid speculation, Sting will have a new involvement in Dynamite next Wednesday.

«Following Team Taz’s attack on Darby Allin two weeks ago, plus Brian Cage’s devastating powerbomb last week, ‘The Icon’ Sting will be on Dynamite this week and is looking for revenge on Cage and Team Taz, this Wednesday, February 24 at 8 / 7c on TNT Drama! »

It will be the penultimate Dynamite prior to AEW Revolution 2021, a place where Sting is scheduled to team up with Darby Allin to face Cage and Ricky Starks in a street fight, the format of which is now questioning these latest events, although it is the most likely option in order to protect the former WCW .

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