WEE : Stardom: «Go to Budokan Stardom Valentine Special Day 2» New queens of couples

For the second day in a row, the female company Stardom was presented with its event called «Go to Budokan Stardom Valentine Special Day 2«, Where there were very interesting encounters.



► «Go to Budokan Stardom Valentine Special Day 2»

Unagi Sayaka held her third test-of-seven match she has planned, facing Mayu Iwatani. It was an intense battle, but Iwatani asserted his hierarchy and took the victory in a resounding way.

In a clash of couples, AZM and Mei Hoshizuki beat Starlight Kid and Saya Iida in just over eleven minutes of action.

The semi-final was a quadruple threat where Saya Kamitani beat Utami Hayashishita, Giulia and Tam Nakano. After the battle, Kamitani faced Hayashishita for the title duel that he will hold, Giulia and Tam Nakano also exchanged a few words for their title match on March 3.

In the big star, Maika and Himeka were proclaimed holders of the Goddesses of Stardom Championship after defeating Bea Priestley and Konami. The members of Donna del Mondo are the 13 monarchs in the history of the scepter.

The full results are:

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Attendance: 579 viewers

1. Gokigen Death ☆ defeated Lady C (4:21) with a Cradle.
2. Momo Watanabe defeated Ruaka (5:44) with a Chickenwing Facelock.
3. DDM vs. Oedo Tai: Natsuko Tora and Saki Kashima defeated Syuri and Natsupoi (10:30) with Kashima’s Kishikaisei over Natsupoi.
Four. Unagi Kabuki 7 Match Trial Series 3rd: Mayu Iwatani defeated Unagi Sayaka (12:54) with a Dragon Suplex Hold.
5. AZM and Mei Hoshizuki beat Starlight Kid and Saya Iida (11:06) with AZM’s Azumi Sushi over Iida.
6. Special 4 Way Battle: Saya Kamitani defeated Utami Hayashishita, Giulia and Tam Nakano (14:03) with a Swan Dive Frankensteiner over Hayashishita.
7. Goddesses of Stardom Title: Maika and Himeka defeated Bea Priestley and Konami (c) (21:46) with Himeka’s Inside Cradle over Priestley – winning the title

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