WEE : Sheamus reveals the problem he has after all his WWE matches

Sheamus reveals the problem he has after all his WWE matches

Sheamus has appeared on WWE television for a long time, but the veteran artist’s adrenaline continues to rise the same as ever. In fact, it has caused you a little trouble.

The problem that Sheamus has after his fights in WWE

Performing in the squared circle can be an exciting experience, and Sheamus knows the feeling well. That doesn’t mean it has become easier to relax after being so aroused.

While speaking with ProSieben MAXX, Sheamus revealed that after a match he will rarely sleep. His adrenaline is still running high and it is very difficult for him to get back to normal, especially in order to sleep.

“After a fight I try to cool down, calm down. But my adrenaline is getting so high that it’s really hard for me. So most nights after RAW I don’t sleep. I just can’t sleep. I may have two or three hours, but I just can’t sleep. I am too agitated and too excited. So that’s the hardest part for me. “

The Celtic warrior seems to be always ready for battle. That will certainly come in handy in Elimination Chamber. He will be the last to enter the Elimination Chamber structure after winning a gauntlet fight on RAW. We will have to see if he closes the night as WWE Champion. Most likely, you won’t get much sleep that night by any means.

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