WEE : Serena Deeb: «WWE firing me was the best thing that could happen to me»

When done effectively, and promotions always play a very important role, the “rebirth” of a former WWE worker after being fired or leaving of his own accord is a complete declaration of intent: there is life beyond the McMahon Empire.

Serena Deeb was one of those affected by the staff cuts carried out by the American giant last April, when she had been there for a couple of years as a coach at the Performance Center in Orlando (Florida). And many believed that this would finally separate the gladiator from the industry, but Deeb did not add up to 34 springs then.

So I think we were not caught by surprise when the former member of the Straight Edge Society resumed her competitive career. Why Without leaving the mainstream scene, Deeb signed with All Elite Wrestling in September, and just a month later, she claimed the NWA Women’s World Championship.


► Serena Deeb and the hackneyed saying

Deeb’s case looks different from the rest of the ex-WWE Superstars who moved from Orlando to Jacksonville this year, because it is indeed a “rebirth” in every rule … as a result of that dismissal. There is no evil that for good does not come, they say.

AND Deeb thus exposes it under his recent involvement in the AEW Unrestricted podcast, clarifying that he has no resentment towards WWE.

«It was probably the best thing that could happen to me, losing my job, because I probably wouldn’t be in AEW right now. I don’t even look back with some kind of negative feelings or anything; it is something purely positive for me».