WEE : Sasha Banks says she took Ronda Rousey’s place

Sasha Banks says she took Ronda Rousey's place

Sasha Banks | Ronda Rousey had a great WWE career during her rookie year. She won the RAW Women’s Championship and was involved in a high-profile fight with Becky Lynch.

While talking about the Broken Skull sessions, Stone Cold Steve Austin asked Sasha Banks about Ronda Rousey’s contribution to women’s wrestling in WWE.

Sasha Bank is WWE’s new special attraction

Austin clarified his question and asked if Rousey was a special attraction on the same level as Mike Tyson. Banks later claimed that she already played the role of Ronda Rousey.

“You can bring Ronda Rousey, but you should pay me to do what she’s doing. Here you have the talent, I have made an effort. But Ronda Rousey is a family legend and a proper name. If it weren’t for Ronda Rousey, who knows if the women’s division here would be women’s wrestling. She went to work. She loved him. She came to the dressing room very humble and wanting to know everything she could to be the best ”.

Rousey has not been seen on WWE television since WrestleMania 35. Many fans have been wondering if Rousey will return to the company.

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