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After announcing her retirement from professional wrestling in June 2020 and subsequently confirming her pregnancy, there was no guessing that she would spend a good time away from the strings. But it didn’t take too long for him to feel like fighting again. Because Sarah Logan wants to fight again. The former Riott Squad member has not had a match since Raw on April 13 last year, when she lost to Shayna Baslzer in a qualifying match for Money in the Bank 2020.

► Sarah Logan wants to fight again

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Obviously, right now a date for her return to action cannot be anticipated – she herself does not do it herself – but the young fighter revealed in a recent interview on the Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me podcast that wants to resume his career, although indicating that I’d rather it was part-time so I could be a mother at the same time. She also mentioned WWE but without clarifying if her main objective is to be a Superstar again since she is clear that she will not be the one to make the decision.

If I can find a way that I can take my son with me on the road I don’t see why I wouldn’t want to go back to wrestling full time. Erik and I can rent a caravan and drive to all the towns with Cash with us… Although we also have a farm. My mom can take care of him too, but up to a point. That’s why a part of me says: ‘I’ll be back part-time’. But you really can’t choose if you’re going to go back to WWE. I’m just sure I’ll get back to wrestling somehow. I could say that’s about the only thing I know how to do.

Sarah Logan is only 27 so really He has a whole life ahead of him to dedicate both to his son and to his career in the strings. It only remains to see how you can combine both paths to be able to enjoy them in the same way without having to put one aside.

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