WEE : Samoa Joe answers the question of when he will fight again

Our collaborator from SUPERLUCHAS Cuadrilátero wrote an article shortly before the most recent men’s Royal Rumble where seven names were included as possible returns during the famous contest, including Samoa Joe.

And unfortunately, the forecast released by Quadrilateral was not fulfilled, adding another month to the absence of Joe from the rings, who in total, get through the year without fighting a match– His latest dates back to the February 10, 2020 episode of Raw, where he teamed up with Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders to go against Seth Rollins, Murphy.

Presumably, given the irrelevance of this clash, “The Destroyer” does not want it to remain as its competitive swan song. Last October, Joe had this to say about his status.

“Right now, I’m enjoying being in the comments on Raw. It was a fun challenge. Obviously I ain’t ended up in the ring in any way. I think I’m exploring things right now. Other than that, I’m doing voice-overs, which is fun and cool. It’s very nice. I have a project with Warner Bros. I am very lucky and I am very happy to be doing the things that I am doing right now.

Samoa Joe answers the question of when he will fight again

Samoa Joe answers the question of when he will fight again

► Samoa Joe is in no hurry to return to action

Consecrated by followers, analysts and industry colleagues, aware of his quality inside and outside the ring, which has made him succeed in all the companies he has worked on, It seems logical that Joe responds again to the question of what his intentions are regarding the stringing, amid rumors of problems arising from various concussions.

Rick Ucchino asked him such a question in his last interview with Sportskeeda, and Joe gave his particular update.

“As for a deadline to fight again, I don’t have. But I want to make it clear to people that WWE is doing what’s best for my health and well-being, and I appreciate it, so we’re taking our time. We are making sure that I am as healthy as possible. And… yeah, I think that’s essentially, you know, I don’t set deadlines because the type of injury is not something I want to be in a hurry with, for obvious reasons. So yeah, that’s basically the update. “

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