WEE : Sami Zayn remembers the day he mentioned AEW in front of WWE cameras

By Nicolas Lafferriere – POSTED ON 02/21/2021 AT 02:55

The Monday Night RAW episode on May 27, 2019 featured Sami zayn sitting in an electric chair and answering questions from the audience. The audience that night was shocked when the superstar mentioned the phrase “You can ask me about anything, even AEW“, causing a great lack of control by the public.

In relation to this moment, the former intercontinental champion made a series of statements for the Sportskeeda news portal. “I can’t say it was totally off the script,” clarified Sami. “But it did happen in a different way than planned, and the backstage reaction was, let’s say … not favorable. Especially because the segment of the electric chair had been released that same week “.

In order to attract a larger audience in the last hour of RAW, the creatives of WWE had thought of a segment focused on an electric chair. “Everyone was thinking about that company at that time,” clarified Sami Zayn. “I think it happened close to their TV deal, when they confirmed that it would be more than just an occasional pay-per-view. We risk doing a segment with legitimate questions from the public, where anyone could ask anything. And hopefully someone would ask about it. “

“We were playing unpredictable terrain. And when I got to be there, I felt like I didn’t have much of a risky vibe. The questions were too sterile. I thought that turning this segment into something controversial was my job. And the fact that Today let’s talk about it means that I achieved my goal. ” Despite WWE edited the segment when it was shared on social media, the fans did not skimp when it came to presenting the censored section, as well as giving their opinion on the subject.

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