WEE : Sami Zayn pressures WWE to use Bo Dallas

Sami Zayn pressures WWE to use Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas has not been seen on WWE television in over a year. He’s still with the company, but he’s preparing for his life after WWE. Sami Zayn would love to see Dallas get another chance.

Sami Zayn fought Bo Dallas for the NXT title back in the day. They had a few battles, and the former IC champion knows what the former B-team member can do. Sadly, WWE hasn’t even brought it up in a creative sense in an incredibly long period of time.

While speaking with Rick Ucchino, Sami Zayn expressed his wish that WWE would hire Bo Dallas for something.

“I’m not even talking about pushing them hard, but at least using them. that would say for Bo Dallas. People talk a lot about underrated fighters, my name will appear, Cesaro’s name will appear, and a lot of guys, Dolph Ziggler, all these kinds of people, names will come up a lot. “

“Bo Dallas, in my opinion, is perhaps the most talented person we have that is not mentioned on the list, I mean, not even being used. I know it is totally difficult, there is a time limit in front of television. We have so many stories lined up, but I was with him on NXT at the time he was NXT Champion. I know exactly what it is capable of. I think he’s one of the most talented people we have and he doesn’t get an inch. If I had my way, I would definitely show it a bit more. “

Bo Dallas has built a farm with Liv Morgan and they are opening a family-owned real estate business. It looks like he’s preparing for when WWE is no longer an option, but he’s still getting paychecks from WWE for now.

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