WEE : Riddle is the new United States Champion

The United States Championship changed hands, Riddle got his first reign in WWE by surpass Bobby Lashley and John Morrison.

John morrison entered the fight for the United States Championship after overcoming a four-way fight, which was carried out by the absence of Keith lee by COVID-19.

It was thus that Morrison entered the three-corner duel, against Riddle and the champion Bobby Lashley, which began at full steam, with Lashley distributing blows everywhere and although for moments he suffered against Morrison, the power of the champion made the duel keep in your favor.

Lashley suffered imposingly, with powerful attacks. Although they tried to ally for a moment, not even working together could they decimate the monarch.

Finally with kicks from Riddle and one with a couple of flights they finally managed to put their dangerous rival on the ground. But there the alliance ended, well John Morrison attacked Riddle and He sought to eliminate it, although the MMA expeller put up resistance.

Riddle took control with powerful kicks and suplex, even managing to bring down Lashley who entered the ring, but he resisted despite being hit with two flights.

Morrison took the crutch that MVP had, but was caught by a Nelson double, but Riddle took the device and hit Lashley’s back, who had to leave the ring.

Then Riddle surprised John Morrison with a Floating Bro to finally finish the fight and proclaim himself champion of the United States.

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