WEE : Reason why Roman Reigns will not be inside Elimination Chamber

When the Monday Night Raw Superstars found out that they would see the faces inside the Elimination Chamber with the WWE Champion, many of us wondered if Roman Reigns would do the same in the Elimination Chamber of the blue mark. But no, it won’t be like that Roman Reigns will face the champion of that Elimination Chamber immediately after that fight, thus having a clear advantage that World Champion Drew McIntyre will not have.

However, yesterday afternoon, Ringside News was commenting on the reason why Reigns will not defend his Universal title within the structure metallic.

Roman reigns

Roman reigns

► Roman Reigns will not enter the Elimination Chamber

On the night of next Sunday, February 21, 6 fighters of each brand, Raw and SmackDown, will enter the steel structure to settle what will be your immediate future in the company. Some may be crowned WWE Champion and go to WrestleMania as such and others may have the prize of facing the “Tribal Chief” for the Universal Championship. Although this structure was modified a few years ago to damage the physique of the competitors as little as possible, it is true that still one of the most watched annual attractions by fans since it always promises drama and in most cases, blood and injuries.

The morbid of attend the punishment of these athletes live is what makes Elimination Chmaber one of the most watched pay-per-view events of the year. And Roman Reigns will not enter this game. Well advised by Paul Heyman, he has the upper hand and knows when and how to do things; when and as he says, and enter the Elimination Chamber it is not the most adequate way to safeguard the physical integrity of Roman Reigns.

As we said, sources consulted by Ringside News have confirmed the following:

«Roman Reigns will not be inside Elimination Chamber this year. We have asked the WWE environment and they have confirmed that, in no way, it would enter the chamber. Steel structure no place for the ‘Tribal Chief’«.

These were the words of Steve Carrier who continued on the web saying:

“Everyone ends up injuring themselves in some way inside the chamber and Roman Reigns would have wanted to avoid this scenario given the great influence he has in recent months within the creative team »

Daniel Bryan has been one of the Superstars that has joked with this possibility since he has commented that Paul Heyman would have gotten him a Roman Reigns contract that, without being part-time like Brock Lesnar’s, well it would have earned him the power to appear only in fights of relevance within the current scene in WWE.

Roamn reigns

Roamn reigns

Is Roman Reigns right to avoid these kinds of situations? Would other Superstars do the same if they had that power of decision or influence? We read you in the comments section.

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