WEE : Oscar Valdez knocked out Alacrán Berchelt

Oscar Valdez he broke the stakes by defeating Alacrán Berchelt by knockout in the tenth round of the contest.

The fight was scheduled for 12 episodes for the World Boxing Council super featherweight belt, which belonged to Miguel Berchelt.

It happens that, even though Berchelt looked bigger and stronger, the strategy did not go as expected.

Berchelt did not show the volume of hitting and the precision to which he is accustomed to his hobby, indeed, he even missed many, many shots.

Well, his leg mobility was not optimal either, which left him at the mercy of Valdez’s blows, mainly his left hand.

When Berchelt began to press against the ropes to Valdez, the one from Sonora found a way not to get locked in the corners and used the ensogado to his advantage.

On the other hand, Oscar Valdez, without connecting many combinations, did hit in a precise and forceful way, hitting one blow at a time, but with precision and defensive movement to be very elusive, that is how Berchelt never reached it.

Berchelt also lacked the hooks to the body, who knows if due to the lack of mobility.

In fact, in the fourth round, the Berchelt debacle began. With an upper cut, Valdez opened the door to his triumph.

The pure uppercut made Berchelt disarm. He did not fall, but he was touched. Valdez also landed other punches to the face that shook Berchelt. It was a surprise that he did not go to the canvas, although he did count as a fall having been defenseless against the ropes.

From there, Berchelt survived the rest of the contest.

He did not support his back leg well, his reflexes were slower and his striking was imprecise and inconsistent.

Quite the opposite of what Valdez did: hit and roll, hit and spin. He threw individual punches, few combinations, but powerful.

Then, adding the blows and Berchelt’s little defense, it was a matter of time.

If he resisted it was because Berchelt is strong, but his body did not give more, we no longer talk about his battle plan.

In the ninth, the product of another uppercut, Berchelt again went to the floor.

He came out on the tenth to receive the final thrust.

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