WEE : Mexisquad loses ROH Third Party Championship

Although they had the pleasure of being ROH champions for a year, Bandit, King Horus and Flamita they could not overcome their first defense and lost the scepters to Shane Taylor Promotions.

Mexisquad won the title at the beginning of 2020; However, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented them from being able to defend them and when they were about to do so in Final Battle, Flamita and Bandit They tested positive for the disease caused by the coronavirus and could not participate in the combat.

Finally, this Monday the fight that was scheduled before Shane Taylor, Jasper Kaun and Moses Maddox. The combat was very intense, as the Mexicans showed great understanding, but the challengers were not far behind.

But everything leveled off for Taylor and her companions, as King Horus accidentally applied a Tornado DDT to Flamita to knock it out; while Moses left Horus and Bandit ringside with a flight.

Taylor took advantage of the gift and punished a Flamita very decimated, although he resisted an iron, he could no longer with a piledriver.

In this way, the Mexicans lost the title of the company in their first defense.

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