WEE : Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas are boyfriends and business partners

There is a new partner and a new romantic relationship within WWE that comes to light. It’s about nothing more and nothing less than Superstars Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas.

Liv Morgan Smackdown November 13, 2020

Liv Morgan Smackdown November 13, 2020

► Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas think about their life outside the ring

This has been revealed, at least implicitly, Dave Meltzer, in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

There, Meltzer revealed that Bo Dallas and Liv Morgan live on a farm, in an unspecified location within the United States. There they live as farmersThey surely have their own animals and grow their own food.

But added to this, Meltzer revealed that both have started a family real estate business, a business that they have been studying a lot and from which they are preparing to fully exercise once their life in wrestling ends. As a curiosity, Kane has had a real estate business run by his wife for years with the help of their children.

Liv morgan

Liv morgan

Regarding Dallas’ current status as a WWE wrestler, Meltzer assures that is still under contract and receives his salary in a sacred way, but they don’t even ask you to go to TV shows to sit down to eat in the catering. Surely when the House Shows return he will return to the ring.

Bo Dallas in WWE RAW - WWEBo Dallas in WWE RAW - WWEBo Dallas in WWE RAW – WWE

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