WEE : Kross and Escobar did not meet in WWE NXT due to physical problems

By Iván Beas – PUBLISHED ON 02/18/2021 AT 9:59 PM

Karrion Kross and Santos Escobar were going to fight in a non-title match in the last WWE NXT program, but their match was canceled hours before the show due to, apparently, physical problems of one of the protagonists. After two promos from Escobar and NXT General Manager William Regal, the match is scheduled for next week.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for the Wrestling Observer, confirmed the news on his latest radio show. The fight was taken off the card hours before the show for no apparent reason. The journalist has alleged that one of the fighters, has not revealed his identity, would have physical problems.

That’s why both Cruiserweight Champion Escobar and manager William Regal had “There was a medical reason that I heard on Tuesday why the combat was not going to take place. It’s not for history what they did was a story out of necessity and not a planned story. “

Escobar appeared on WWE NXT in a recorded segment where he assured that the fight was not going to be held today, but when he wanted and not when William Regal scheduled it, and then leave the venue. Thus, Regal announced that the match will take place next week, and that, if Escobar does not appear, the title will be withdrawn and he will be suspended.

Meltzer has shown his surprise to see that WWE announced the match for next week. “I’m surprised they announced it for next week. We’ll see if they do it in the end ”.

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Ivan Beas

Ivan Beas
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