WEE : Konnan leaves the hospital after overcoming kidney problem

After being hospitalized this Wednesday night for a kidney problem, the ex-wrestler Konnan He would have already left the health center.

As reported by the journalist Dave meltzer, Konnan was hospitalized for this problem and according to various media reports, it would have been complicated by COVID-19. However, although at first the communicator reported that he was serious, although it seems that things were not so worrying, because this friday Konnan left the hospital.

«Konnan is out of the hospital and better«

It was thus that WON reported that there was not much data on the Cuban’s health status, and what the founder of the bulletin published was the little information he had.

«Meltzer had no further details confirmedBut he said the situation was ‘very worrying’ and that he could have more details on Thursday.

Konnan reported his health status to the publication, where he confirmed that he fell ill with COVID-19 and this complicated things.

«I was very ill last week, I was bedridden. During three days; The Covid made me go to the hospital and my kidneys fail«.

There are just a few days left so you can support the fighter and collaborator of SUPER LUCHAS, Heavy Boy, with any amount. who is raising funds for a delicate surgery.