WEE : Konnan is seriously hospitalized for a kidney problem

By Sebastián Martínez – PUBLISHED ON 02/18/2021 AT 3:11 PM

The Cuban ex-wrestler Konnan was recently hospitalized for a kidney problem. Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer reported this situation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio program. According to Meltzer, the situation is dire. However, there are no further details at this time, although more information could be released in the next few hours.

“On Wednesday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Konnan is currently hospitalized with a kidney problem, one that Meltzer said is ‘quite serious,’ updated the Wrestling Obsever portal in recent hours.” Meltzer had no further details confirmed. but said that the situation was ‘very worrying’ and could have more details on Thursday“.

Carlos Santiago Espada, known as Konnan in the world of professional wrestling, received a kidney transplant in 2007, so it is not the first time that they have to deal with such problems. For several days, he has not had interaction on social networks, possibly due to being admitted to the hospital.

It’s not been a very good few months for Konnan. In July 2020, her mother passed away due to problems related to COVID-19. He did not reveal the news of his mother’s passing to many people, except those around him. On that occasion, it was also Dave Meltzer who broke the news.

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Sebastian Martinez

Sebastian Martinez
Solowrestling webmaster, former commentator on Neox and GOL, passionate about WWE and professional wrestling