WEE : Kenny Omega talks about the possibility of facing Brock Lesnar

Kenny Omega talks about the possibility of facing Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and WWE don’t have a contract between the two parties that we can say. It appears that Lesnar’s contract expired after WrestleMania last year, and it continues to do so. That could open up some interesting possibilities.

One fan tweeted to ask Kenny Omega: “Okay, before G2S, I want to ask… what is your take on Brock Lesnar and a future dream match?”

Brock Lesnar vs Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega responded to put Brock Lesnar in a big way. He then said that if a match against the Incarnate Beast occurs, he would need more friends.

Brock is one of the greatest athletes and artists of all time. I would need more friends if I had to face it.

Brock Lesnar would have a large pay to appear on AEW television. Tony Khan also has the ability to write large checks if he has a reason to. We’ll have to see what happens between Lesnar and WWE, because he often shows up for a surprise on the way to WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Kenny Omega did not totally reject the idea of ​​facing Lesnar in a dream match.

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