WEE : Kenny Omega believes Triple H would be willing to work with other companies

Kenny Omega believes Triple H would be willing to work with other companies

Kenny Omega | The world of professional wrestling has undergone many changes since last year when AEW began a partnership with Impact Wrestling. Since then the company has also started working with NJPW, opening the ‘Forbidden Door’ and the possibilities of working with other promotions is no longer impossible.

Kenny Omega believes Triple H would work with other companies

While interviewed by talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, AEW Executive Vice President and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega spoke about the meaning behind what Triple H said when he said WWE is “open for business.”

Omega believes Triple H does everything in NXT for the good of the fans and believes The Game is open to working with other professional wrestling promotions.

“I think Triple H remains one of the guys for most of his career. I’m sure a big part of how he runs his business and how he sees WWE, NXT and all those things that he has a finger on, I really think he does it for the sake of the fans as well. So when you say things like that you are open for business, I think if there is a situation that maybe can remove some of the worries and fears of the other people who have something to say to make these things happen, I see it as a trouble. reality.”

Tony Khan also recently stated that WWE is more than welcome to come and work on something with AEW. We will have to see if WWE ever works with other promotions in the future.

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