WEE : Kamaru Usma Willing To Move Up To Middleweight On One Condition

This past weekend, Kamaru Usman successfully defended his welterweight title with a third round TKO over top contender Gilbert Burns at UFC 258. The victory left Usman in the rarefied position of having beaten the top four contenders in his division, with no clear challenger waiting in line.

Given that, after their fight on Saturday, Usman suggested a rematch with Jorge Masvidal whom he beat last year on short notice and since then the UFC seems to be running with this idea, not just for a fight but as a way to get back his flagship television series, The Ultimate Fighter.

The welterweight champion did not confirm that he and Masvidal would be TUF’s next trainers, however, he made fun of it a lot that it was in the works when he spoke to ESPN yesterday.

“It’s crazy how similar the path I’m walking with Rashad Evans is. Rashad winning The Ultimate Fighter, I did. Rashad being a UFC champion, I did. Rashad trained The Ultimate Fighter and now I’m in a position to do it. Rashad is a member of the Hall of Fame. I said, ‘Hey big brother, I’m coming! I’m also trying to get that jacket. So the amount of road is insane. It’s kind of (a question) if I have the option to do it, yes or no? For that reason alone it’s almost a yes to me «.

The Ultimate Fighter has been on hiatus since November 2018 and has been largely replaced as a hotbed for cultivating young talent by the Tuesday Night Contender series. However, given all that TUF has meant to the UFC, plans have been in the works to bring the series back to the ESPN + platform. In recent months, several fighters have been linked to serve as trainers in the revival, but nothing materialized.

A grudge fight between Usman and Masvidal is exactly the kind of animosity the show has previously courted, and according to Usman, It could all even host a big PPV event in Masvidal’s hometown of Miami.

“I run Miami. Miami is mine. He doesn’t run anything in Miami. You don’t execute anything in Miami if you get hit like that. No city wants a loser. Miami is mine. I run Miami. So yes, you can leave your house to come fight in my arena in Miami »…

“It’s going to be a great place to do it. I don’t think they had a UFC fight at the AAA Arena, so that would be amazing.

Kamaru usmanKamaru usman

Iria for the Middleweight Championship

At this point, all of that is theoretical and in the world of the possible, there is another avenue that Usman may want to follow. After his victory over BurnsJoe Rogan commented that Usman might be the greatest welterweight of all time. That title, of course, belongs to Georges St-Pierre, however if Usman wants to continue to build his case as the best of all time, he may feel the need to capture a second title like GSP did. And Usman says it’s something he’s open to, on one condition.

“Absolutely. If Izzy (Israel Adesanya) is willing to move up, well he’s moving up, But, if he’s willing to give up that 185 belt and say ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with that division anymore,’ then absolutely. It would entertain that thought. But in no way at this point would I want to go up and fight Izzy. That is not something that interests me. I’ve said it over and over again before, I’d rather have two Africans with belts rather than one African with two belts. And you know, after March there will be three Africans with four belts. So it is a good time to be African. Good time”.

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