WEE : Jon Moxley thinks AEW and WWE will never work together

By Iván Beas – PUBLISHED ON 02/23/2021 AT 12:58

Former All Elite Wrestling champion and former WWE wrestler Jon Moxley sees it highly unlikely that WWE and AEW will come together to work together in the future. In an interview for Inside The Ropes, although many have expressed a possible interest that they can work together, Moxley sees it very differently.

That would never happen. It’s not even worth wasting mental energy on it. If you want to have the fantasy of forming a billboard with stars from both companies, or like the wrestling magazines that made up your dream matches did, like when many dreamed in 1998 of that Goldberg against Steve Austin, go ahead. But this is not going to happen ”, he assured.

Despite believing that it will not happen, Moxley is attracted to the idea of ​​a summit of the three great world wrestling companies, including Japan’s New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where future deals and spectacular matches could come out.

“It would be great to think of the cool things that could happen if the Titans unite like a big summit at Tokyo Dome with AEW, NJPW, WWE. This would be cool and could be wonderful, but it won’t happen. Each one does his own thing and will not move from his position ”.

While this does not happen, AEW and NJPW have begun to work together in recent weeks to establish a linking agreement for the appearance of wrestlers in both companies, and also in IMPACT Wrestling, with whom they have rejoined thanks to the synergy with AEW after a long time of disputes.

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Ivan Beas

Ivan Beas
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