WEE : Goldberg has a Vince McMahon record in sight

The positioning of Goldberg as Drew McIntyre’s challenger at Royal Rumble 2021 for the WWE Championship It comes after a nine-month absence from “The Myth.” Irruption in the headline scene that does not arouse much enthusiasm among fans, as McMahonlandia has made Goldberg his new “undertaker”; this time, literally.

Why After defeating McIntyre on January 31, Goldberg will end the titular reign of a rising talent for the third time, after Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt.; And if this nefarious creative path is given, surely after all, it will only serve to keep the medal for just a couple of months until WrestleMania, as it happened in 2020.


► The golden dinosaur of WWE

But by the way, Goldberg has the possibility of surpassing a curious mark with almost 22 years of tradition, achieved by the WWE boss himself, Vince McMahon.

The «Chairman» captured the great scepter of his company on the episode of SmackDown on September 16, 1999, by defeating Triple H thanks to an intervention by Stone Cold.

By then Mr. McMahon was 54 years and 21 days, and became the oldest monarch in WWE history. Not even Hulk Hogan, who in 2002 managed to be crowned monarch at the age of 48, managed to surpass “Vinnie Mac.”

As well, On January 31st, the date of Royal Rumble 2021, Goldberg will add 54 years and 35 days, so he would be the longest-serving veteran to win the WWE title.

Goldberg has a Vince McMahon record in sightGoldberg has a Vince McMahon record in sightWwe

Hopefully, however, For the sake of the company’s titular health and its future vision, that McIntyre leaves the Royal Rumble with said strap under his arm.

The message that WWE launches with the return of Goldberg