WEE : Former WWE wrestlers sue for concussions Supreme Court

By Romina Lugo – PUBLISHED ON 02/19/2021 AT 01:36

Throughout the last few years, Several former WWE wrestlers filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the company had hidden from them the medical conditions of their profession, as well as some risks derived from their work with regard to their health, such as the danger of suffering concussions and in order to obtain benefits at the expense of the workers. This lawsuit was similar to those filed by other sports entertainment companies, such as the NHL and NFL, the American ice hockey and football leagues, respectively.

In September 2020, WWE won a major court victory when the Connecticut District Court dismissed the initial lawsuit of 54 former workers because the alleged facts had expired and none of the plaintiffs had worked for WWE since 2011, qualifying the claim for “frivolous” and that there was insufficient evidence to show that the company was aware of the perceived risk of concussions or other head injuries.

This week, plaintiffs’ attorney Konstantine Kyros filed an application for request the review of the case before the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States, as its clients “have been deprived of their fundamental rights as US citizens, including their right to appeal.” Additionally, Kyros claimed that the Second Circuit court rejected previous appeals because final rulings had not been issued on all of the lawsuits. After Judge Bryant issued those rulings, Kyros tried to appeal, but was not allowed and even ordered to pay WWE legal fees amounting to more than $ 500,000.

Some of the plaintiffs included various WWE Hall of Famers and Legends from the 1980s and 1990s such as Road Warrior Animal, Paul Orndorff, Jimmy Snuka, King Kong Bundy, Mr. Fuji, Kamala, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Ahmed Johnson, Dave and Earl Hebner, Sabu, Barry Darsow, Shane Douglas, Marty Jannetty and Heidenreich, among others.

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Romina lugo

Romina lugo
Journalist, broadcaster, editor of Solowrestling, Argentine and fan of professional wrestling.