WEE : Finn Bálor: “Randy Orton would take NXT to another level”

Like 40-year-old Jim Cornette, the particular assessment that Randy Orton made last summer of the fighting style seen in NXT.

I’ve been watching a lot of NXT that I didn’t see before. They have many talented guys […] When the match was over, my wife looked at me, and she also has a good eye for this sh * t. He said, ‘They did a lot of great things, but I can’t remember a specific thing about what they did ‘. I was like, ‘yeah, that’s it.’

«It is about building for those moments and to make a good sh * t when the time is right. It’s not about cool sh * t, cool sh * t, cool sh * t and it ends».

Soon after, we learned that Orton had refused to work with several gladiators of the WWE gold brand, although making certain exceptions.

«Our sources tell us that Randy Orton has rejected the idea of ​​working with part of the cast of NXT, and that Tommaso Ciampa is one of the people you would like to work with. We’ve also heard other names like Adam Cole being discussed. “

Finn Bálor: "Randy Orton would take NXT to another level"Finn Bálor: "Randy Orton would take NXT to another level"Wwe

► Finn Bálor wants “The Viper” in NXT

The latest episode of the After The Bell podcast featured Finn Bálor guest, and When asked which Superstar of the main cast would like to face within NXT, the Irishman ignored Orton’s background.

“I believe that We could all learn a lot from Randy Orton. I know it is a slightly different idea. You know, a lot of people would want it to say Kevin Owens, a lot of people would want it to say Ricochet. But I think that Randy Orton could take NXT to another level, you know, in terms of the effect it would have on the people in the locker room, in the ring, his professionalism, his experience».

And although Bálor omits it, Orton would surely get NXT to raise its ratings for at least a few weeks (although Edge failed to do so last week).

Nevertheless, Vince McMahon’s high regard for the 14-time world champion and his current weight on Raw make such a path highly unlikely; despite the fact that, at the same time, the “Chairman” wants to prevent AEW from winning the “Wednesday Night Wars” at all costs before the end of this television conflict, which may not take too long.

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