WEE : Elias gets electrocuted during his fight against Jeff Hardy

Elias gets electrocuted during his fight against Jeff Hardy

Elias was apparently not watching WWE programming during his injury hiatus. They showed that Sheamus was the one who hit Elias with Hardy’s car, but he didn’t hear it. This resulted in a feud for The Drifter that ended in a Symphony Of Destruction match.

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Elias gets electrocuted in the Simphony Of Destruction Match

Hardy vs. Elias was a pretty brutal match this week on Raw. He was also quite inventive. At one point, Elias put guitar picks between his fingers and hit Hardy. There were also many places where musical instruments were used as weapons.

The place so many are talking about saw Elias shoving a guitar into a speaker that shocked him. He intended to impale Hardy, but the Charismatic Enigma moved. Many fans were making pranks on Home Alone 2 as Elias played with his electrocution venue.

In last place of the match, Hardy hit Elias with a Swanton Bomb as he sat on the steel ring steps outside. It seemed like a very hard fall for Hardy when his head hit the steel.

Hardy was able to get the count of three and get the victory, thus ending this dispute. This was definitely a brutal and chaotic match on Monday night.

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