WEE : Eddy Reynoso got a tattoo on Canelo

Well, from hobbies are born memorable tattoos. We know many fans who have had Canelo tattooed. Until today, it didn’t seem likely, but Eddy reynoso he did the same and painted it on his skin.

Reynoso is a successful coach. He has led Saúl Álvarez’s career from the beginning.

At different stages of his career, when Canelo showed failures in his boxing, the media and fans questioned his maintaining his working relationship with Eddy and Chepo Reynoso.

Canelo always mentioned that boxing is about loyalty and that he was never going to leave the Reynosos because they were the only ones who believed in him as a child.

Obviously, once Canelo became the face of boxing, changed his style and started winning championships and money, he was not questioned again.

Reynoso also has the same speech about loyalty to his boxers.

And now he proved it with his tattoo.

The post mentions that when they question him about why tattooing his most prominent pupil, he answers that when someone else manages to take the career of a 13-year-old boy to the top as champion, they will understand.

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