WEE : Drew McIntyre retains in Elimination Chamber but …

The duel started with Randy orton Y Jeff Hardy in the middle of the ring, where both gladiators used strong blows. While The Viper used his fists, Jeff focused on the kicks.

Drew McIntyre was the first to open his compartment. Although he started at full steam against his rivals, Orton managed to stop him to take control of the duel.

As soon as Kofi kingston entered the ring, Orton resisted it with blows to blows, but an oversight made Orton was led to the bunt on his back by Kofi, who eliminated him.

The Viper couldn’t believe this affront and before leaving he connected a pair of RKOs to Kofi and Jeff Hardy. Seeing this, AJ Styles he insisted on entering the ring; so Omos heard their screams and broke the back of the chamber and the Phenomenal ran to take advantage of the open door and enter. However, although he tried to count on the two fallen, he could not.

The duel continued with four fighters in the ring, Drew being the one who best stood until the entrance of Sheamus, who immediately threw himself at his former friend and dealt blows.

Things were even once again, where all the gladiators sought to take control of the duel, despite the fact that Sheamus and Drew had a little more prominence.

Kofi fought Sheamus and managed to escape an attack by climbing to one of the bedrooms, thanks to the help of Drew who stopped the Celt. While the Europeans fought in a ring, Hardy and Styles sent them to the canvas with a variant of superplex and power bomb. Then Kofi launched himself with a flight over all his rivals. Kingston tried the count with several of the downed but I can’t make them go through.

Finally Kofi Kingston was eliminated by receiving a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, who took a couple of blows from the Celtic. Jeff applied a couple of Twists of Fate and then a flight against Drew and Sheamus. When it looked like he was going to eliminate Styles, Drew hit him with a Claymore to knock him out of combat.

The fight between the three remaining fighters was complicated, as none gave ground, until finally the one who was eliminated was Sheamus, who after applying a Brogue Kick against Drew, was surprised by an AJ Styles forearm who left him out.

Finally, when Styles tried a phenomenal arm, was greeted by a Claymore to defend the WWE Championship.

But just as the Scotsman was celebrating, he appeared Bobby Lashley who beat himself to death to Drew and then The Miz cashed in on the Money in the Bank briefcase and became WWE Champion.

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