WEE : Did Zelina Vega play with her appearance on AEW Dynamite?

One of the most unexpected news of the past year, due to the alleged value that Vince McMahon saw in the involved, many in this company have not yet recovered from the impact that it had the dismissal of Zelina Vega last November.

But Circumstances led Vega to disregard WWE orders, when this company ruled that all its Superstars should close their Twitch and Cameo accounts, earning their dismissal, motivated by the fact that these social networks represent a very juicy source of income.

Vega clarified shortly after that despite her lucrative facet of “streamer”, she wants to continue linked to the luchistic industry, although for now, there is no evidence that any top-tier company has moved to acquire their services.

Did Zelina Vega play with her appearance on AEW Dynamite?Did Zelina Vega play with her appearance on AEW Dynamite?Facebook: Zelina Vega

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A week ago, Vega’s non-competitive clause saw its end, so the former manager of Andrade was freed from all ties with the McMahon Empire. Fact that had the followers in suspense last night before the broadcast of AEW Dynamite, as a result of the following tweet.

«Today is going to be a good day».

Some fans wanted to make a connection to certain KENTA words posted shortly before KENTA’s debut on AEW, but there was no sign of Vega during last night’s episode of Dynamite.

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As I said, We do not know if AEW intends to sign Vega, when the only thing that was revealed is that a fighter from the house of Tony Khan described the dismissal of the gladiator as crazy, due to her talent.

While, a name of IMPACT! Wrestling appeared to reveal that they would do everything possible to get Vega back in this promotion., where he competed for a couple of years and clinched the now-resurrected Knockouts Couples Championship. Now that Impact and AEW are working together, we might end up seeing Vega in both.

There are just a few days left so you can support the fighter and collaborator of SUPER LUCHAS, Heavy Boy, with any amount. who is raising funds for a delicate surgery.