WEE : Dave Meltzer sheds light on plans for The Miz as WWE Champion

The Miz kept his word and proved his strategy of getting out of the Elimination Chamber was a good idea. And true to form, as he had done a decade ago, he waited for the most opportune moment to redeem his Money in the Bank briefcase and overthrow the monarch, Drew McIntyre, to become the WWE Champion for the second time in his career. race. Much is being said about his reign and, amid all the rumors, Dave Meltzer was responsible for shedding light on the matter. Will he be a Transition Champion?

But first, a quick step up the Gorilla Position! We already know that Miz came out last night as the best man of the night, but you don’t want to miss the best of all time in the unusual ranking of the best fighters in history according to WWE.

What was the top 50 of the greatest Superstars of all time according to the self-titled DVD that WWE released in 2010? Who got the first place, and who make up the podium? Was Randy Orton really outdone by… Fabulous Moolah? Is it true that Hulk Hogan didn’t rank in the top 20? What stars were conspicuous by their absence? In what position did The Undertaker fall? Also, you won’t be able to believe where John Cena is!

Prepare to be outraged and wonder what WWE was thinking when he brought to light the official list of the best Superstars in history in …

The unusual ranking of the best
history wrestlers according to WWE:

► Plans for The Miz as WWE Champion

During the last edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, held just minutes after Elimination Chamber went off the air, the journalist made an analysis about the new Champion and his future from now on. Among other things, this was his perspective on the matter:

«It is a transition [la coronación de Miz] to get to the other side. Wherever they go from there, I don’t know what it will be. I don’t think I’ll lose it tomorrow on Raw because they have a PPV [antes de WrestleMania, Fastlane], so I see possible that Drew [McIntyre] get it back there … although it is always possible to get it back tomorrow.

“Both Sheamus and Bobby Lashley are going to get their shot at the WWE title, the question is when. I mean, it’s not that the world ends at WrestleMania … The question is: will they make Drew win the title tomorrow? [en Raw], then defend it against Sheamus and only then against Lashley, or in the opposite order? Or will they Drew defeats Miz at Fastlane and then defends him against, probably, Lashley, and then comes Sheamus?

“I like that they have two potential opponents ready, because they usually struggle… like against Roman Reigns, who didn’t have anyone ready for most of the year. So at least tEngaging two smart guys will give them time to groom a third when they’re done with these two. Therefore, it is not so bad.

Meltzer’s opinion differs a bit from Sean Ross Sapp, from Fightful, who agreed that the “A-Lister” will not retain the crown for long, but anticipated that it will be Bobby Lashley who will take the Championship from him. These were his exact words:

“There is a clear path to The Miz’s history as WWE Champion and that leads to Lashley winning the title. Hopefully tomorrow [hoy lunes]. I think the programming would make sense within the story. Lashley has been heavily protected, Drew had to beat 7 people, and The Miz is a banana peel champion.

The Miz as WWE Champion in the PPV Elimination Chamber 2021 (02/21/2021) / WWE /

The Miz as WWE Champion in the PPV Elimination Chamber 2021 (02/21/2021) / WWE /

If there is an absolute truth, it is that this afternoon we can get a better idea of ​​where all this multi-gang feud will lead. For that, do not stop following us in the minute by minute of Monday Night Raw here in SUPER FIGHTS.

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