WEE : Conor McGregor is not surprised Khabib is staying retired instead of fighting again

It is possible that Conor McGregor never get a chance to avenge his last loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov, but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten about the rivalry they share.

It’s been over two years since lightweights went to war at UFC 229 with Nurmagomedov solidifying his reign as champion after submitting McGregor in the fourth round. The aftermath of that fight exploded through the crowd as Nurmagomedov leapt over the cage to engage some of McGregor’s teammates, while many of the undefeated Russian cornerbacks ended up throwing hands with the Irish superstar.

Mcgregor is not surprised that Khabib is still retired

While McGregor is now focused on his next fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, the former two-division champion would be remiss in failing to address Nurmagomedov and his decision to retire following his latest win, which would obviously end any chance of a rematch.

«How you could leave at this stage puzzles me, but for each one his own. There are so many incredible fights out there. Even the carry-on on the Tony Ferguson situation, like I don’t care about a thing. You are programmed to fight a man. It does not matter that. Fights must take place. You can’t just sneak out of the fighting«.

“It has been the hallmark of his approach. I was not surprised to see him walk away or slip away, I should say. It is what it is. We continue ».

Khabib NurmagomedovKhabib NurmagomedovNurmagomedov

While Nurmagomedov was successful in what could have been the final fight of his career, a second-round submission against Justin Gaethje at UFC 254, McGregor couldn’t help it when it came to a pre-fight controversy that sparked just 24 hours earlier. the event.

«I don’t think I was weighty last time here, to be honest. That was very skeptical on the scale. Very, very unusual behavior. But it is what it is”.

Regardless of any alleged controversy at the weigh-in, Nurmagomedov He was victorious and then revealed a promise made to his mother that he would retire in the wake of the tragic passing of his father Abdumanap earlier the same year due to complications from contracting COVID-19.

Still, as part of the two-week period in Abu Dhabi, UFC president Dana White plans to meet with Nurmagomedov to see if he can tempt the lightweight champion back for one more fight.

White has made it clear that he wants to sign Nurmagomedov in a rematch against McGregor, which would obviously do a great deal for the UFC. after his first pay-per-view became the best-selling fight in company history.

That said, Nurmagomedov has stated several times since He retired that he would have no desire to face McGregor again after he emphatically struck him the first time.

Because White is still trying to convince Nurmagomedov to fight again, the UFC lightweight title is still wrapped around his waist. McGregor believes that if Nurmagomedov has truly hung up his gloves for good, then his fight against Poirier should probably determine the new champion at 155 pounds.

I feel like it should be because of the title. I don’t think Dana is going to jump in to throw me a belt right away with the way the year went and I get it. What are belts? I am here to compete. Get some good competition and the belts will come«.

“The belt, I think maybe the next fight is fair. I would have liked to see this fight, but there were circumstances surrounding the man who slipped away to some degree. They have given you a little time. We’ll see what happens. It has no chance for me«.