WEE : Colby Covington saw nothing special in Usman’s win over Burns at UFC 258

Colby Covington was unimpressed by UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman’s most recent win. Usman (18-1 MMA, 13-0 UFC) he achieved his third successful title defense by stopping Gilbert Burns in the third round at UFC 258 in a near-perfect performance.

After being brought down by a Burns from the right in one of the fight’s opening exchanges, Usman showed championship composure by weathering the early storm and turning the tables with Burns. He used a piston-like jab to keep “Durinho” at bay, which ended up being the final blow of the fight as well.

Covington saw nothing special in Usman’s win

But despite Usman’s ability to make adjustments, Covington (16-2 MMA, 11-2 UFC) believes Burns exposed a crack in the champion’s armor.

«I think he seems like a guy really ready to get knocked out in his next fight, and I want to be the one to do it.. It looks a bit chinny. Dilbert, he’s an oversized dwarf, man, he’s a 155-er getting knocked out by 155-ers. The guy is nothing, and that guy came out and left you and almost finished with you in the first round? You were lucky to come out of that which fell backwards and sat there for five minutes and let you recover ».

Besides that, I didn’t see anything special. I see a guy who’s gotten worse. He changed camps and looks like a different fighter in the worst way. It seems to have slowed down in progression. So he looks like a guy I’m ready to expose to the world, and I want to show you Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington 2.0.

Kamaru usman

Kamaru usman

It’s no secret that Covington has sought a rematch with Usman since their “Fight of the Year” contender in December 2019. Covington was stopped in the fifth round in a back-and-forth competition, where a judge made him win 3-1 going into the fifth round.

But after beating Burns, Usman turned his attention to a different rematch. He wants to turn things back with Jorge Masvidal, whom he beat in a unanimous decision victory at UFC 251 in July.

It’s hilarious. Marty Fakenewsman is a complete coward. If I had a win over him the way he has a win over me, I’d want to run that again right away. You know you didn’t beat me, and the fans know that night in that arena, and everyone knew that it was a strike (expletive), a fight (expletive), and there are still many stones to be removed.

“So there are many pending issues. He only knows what presents him the most difficult challenge, and that is me. He’s looking for an easy payday, he’s looking for Calle Judas (Jorge) Masvidal because he knows he’s stranded. That fight goes the same way every time, guys.

It is possible that the rematch between the two will materialize sooner rather than later. Meanwhile Usman seems to want his hands full with a future showdown with Masvidal.

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