WEE : Cody Garbrandt calls for a fight against José Aldo: “I know I will knock him out”

Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt has not doubting who he wants to face next, saying he wants nothing more than to go toe to toe with former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

Sure, “No Love” also wants to face reigning flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo after their opening fight was ruled out, But since “Daico” will likely face Brandon Moreno later this year, Garbrandt doesn’t want to sit back and be idle.

«I’m aiming for a fight with José Aldo in April, that’s what I’m looking for.I had the title fight at 125, I’m next in line, but obviously they have to get their revenge. I’m not going to sit back and wait eight months. It is not something you want to do. So I feel like staying at 135 and fighting José Aldo will be a great showdown. It’s a fight that many fans can support. “

Garbrandt got back on track in his last outing, sending Raphael Assuncao packing with a devastating knockout. In doing so, “No Love” snapped its three-game losing streak. With more confidence, the former champion feels that his best days still lie ahead.

I feel like my best performances are in front of me, so why not challenge yourself with a José Aldo? It is still dangerous. He is still there. Is down in [mi] weight class now. He comes from a victory, I come from a victory. We’re both in the top five so I think it’s the perfect fight to do.

Garbrandt is convinced he can knock out Aldo

While Garbrandt respects and admires Aldo for all the great things he has accomplished as a legitimate MMA veteran, feels like he has the skills to take it out in case they face each other.

“Aldo’s game. You don’t get those accolades that you’ve accomplished, the accomplishments you’ve accomplished without being one of the best. That is what I am here to prove, that I am the best. I only see him as an opponent. They are business«.

“I have a lot of respect for him, but I know that I am a very superior fighter in terms of skills, speed, power, conditioning, And that’s what I want to test myself with I know I will knock him out. I’m excited for that fight«.

Aldo also recently snapped his own three-fight streak by defeating Marlon Vera last December, giving him his first win since the beginning of 2019. Does anyone feel this confrontation?

The former bantamweight champion was one of the most 23.4 million Americans who contracted COVID-19 in the past year, and the deadly disease definitely hit them.

Being kicked out of a flyweight title shot was ultimately the least of his worries as he battled symptoms for several months. The problem was compounded by further injury after he suffered a torn vein in his arm caused by blood clots. He was forced to take blood thinners while he was still recovering.

After months of recovery, the Ohio native finally began to feel like himself again before the New Year. Now that he’s back in training, Garbrandt is eager to fight again.