WEE : Canelo congratulated Valdez on his knockout

Oscar Valdez annulled ended up knocking out Miguel Alacrán Berchelt and removed the super featherweight belt from the World Boxing Council.

This triumph is one of the most emblematic, if not the most emblematic of Oscar’s career, not only because he beat the favorite, but because he disappeared and knocked him out.

This achievement is the product of teamwork, the change even in style that Valdez has had since he was with Eddy Reynoso.

First he was accused of being overly cautious, that Valdez was uncomfortable fighting on the backlash.

But the Valdez who appeared before Berchelt was totally different from what had been seen until today, regardless of the influence of Reynoso.

And this was a source of joy not only for Reynoso, but for Canelo Álvarez, Valdez’s gym partner.

In a video call, Valdez received congratulations from Canelo, who, elated, shouted the triumph of the Sonoran.

Canelo: I was hoarse, (…) how good that you knocked out the son of a bitch

Oscar: Now you follow, the weekend …

Canelo: You moved well dog … look away, he didn’t touch you or anything

Oscar: I feel great

Canelo: Congratulations c * brón

Oscar: Thank you, Saúl

Canelo: What fucking pride, you bastard. Here we all are, we all saw you

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