WEE : Bully Ray: “AEW has major flaws that I don’t see in NXT”

Eric Bischoff again he left us some interesting statements in a recent episode of his podcast, 83 Weeks, about “Wednesday Night Wars”, pointing to the differences between the creative environments of NXT and AEW.

“There is no comparison. AEW is much more fun […] There is camaraderie, a collaborative spirit that I think is absolutely necessary in a creative environment.. That collaborative spirit doesn’t really exist in WWE. WWE is like a factory, while AEW is more like an art studio creatively. ”

► Bully Ray gives the counterpart to Eric Bischoff

But, although he no longer has any commitment to WWE, Bully Ray believes that, beyond what you breathe behind the scenes, NXT offers a better product.

«It is difficult for me to tackle a show, I don’t want, above all, to talk to look for the faults or the negative things. Honestly, I just want to talk about the positives of wrestling, and tell everyone that everyone is doing a great job.

«When do I watch NXT? I don’t see major bugs, which I do see perhaps in AEW. The work on the ring of NXT it is solid, firm. Nine times out of ten? It makes sense from a psychological point of view. The physical is there.

«Many times? You see AEW and you know, guys and girls fail at some things. They get too “indie” sometimeswhile the NXT product is much more polished and the consistency is extremely firm.

Bully Ray: "AEW has major bugs that I don't see in NXT"Bully Ray: "AEW has major bugs that I don't see in NXT"Wwe