WEE : Bruce Prichard gives gifts to his writers at Christmas because they hate him

Bruce Prichard gives gifts to his writers at Christmas because they hate him

WWE has a strict ban on talent engagement with third parties. Bruce Prichard doesn’t get the same deal and was able to keep his podcast going. Some people don’t like to be reminded of that fact.

Bruce Prichard gives gifts to his writers at Christmas

Ringside News has been told that the gift Bruce Prichard gave to the WWE writers didn’t upset anyone, but the presentation he decided to use didn’t go too well.

We were told that Bruce Prichard sent Christmas cards to the entire writing team with an Amazon gift card inside. That was a nice gesture, but he sent those gifts inside Something To Wrestle With envelopes with his podcast logo.

The use of holiday cards from Something To Wrestle With was seen as a bit inappropriate by several members of the writing team. The amount of the gift card was not the problem, but the card itself. Since WWE’s third-party ban is still a relatively new topic, some saw this as Prichard promoting his outside company within the company.

“He sends something promoting his outside company,” they told us, “when people like Zelina were laid off by outside companies. And he is our leader? “

The general idea is that Bruce Prichard should have gone with a WWE logo on his cards, or no logo at all. It’s always nice to have an Amazon gift card, but the packaging you used didn’t work well given the current weather.

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