WEE : Blue Demon Jr. didn’t want to show his face in meetings with Disney

Blue Demon Jr. didn't want to show his face in meetings with Disney

Disney + will debut in a new professional wrestling show starring Blue Demon Jr. There was a problem getting him in the building because he refused to show his face, because that’s the tradition of wrestling.

Blue Demon didn’t want to show his face

Dan Carrillo Levy and Eugenio Villamar recently spoke with Wrestling Inc, where they discussed the new Disney show for which they are executive producers. “Ultra Violet & Blue Demon” will star Blue Demon Jr., but his identity must remain a secret, even in the initial meetings.

“The first thing they needed to understand, which is difficult to explain, is that Blue doesn’t take the mask. It’s something very unique about wrestling. He is the person and no one knows his face. Even the people who filmed the pilot, the Disney executives [y] the legal team that made the contracts don’t know his face. “

“Even to take him to meetings at Disney, they can’t see his face. There was a security issue on how to enter. That is the first thing they need to learn. He is a living character, who is very unique, and is part of what attracts us to carry out these projects. Live your life as a Blue Demon, and that’s it. “

“It’s not like Batman has Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne has Batman. No, Blue Demon is Blue Demon all the time. So that was the first thing we had to make them understand and talk to them about how we would do this show and continue because obviously that is not the case with the girl on the show. “

We’ll have to see how the new Disney show turns out. Any exposure pro wrestling gets on the pop culture landscape like this will be a good thing. Hopefully, they’ll be able to win over some young pro wrestling fans in the process. Blue Demon Jr. is likely to be very strict with people who do not know his true identity.

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