WEE : Atlantis Jr. wants to partner with the Son of Octagón in the CMLL

In the 90s there was a couple that was a reference for children, that of Octagon Y Atlantis. Now the heir to the King of the Seas wants to carry a new version to the CMLL.

Atlantis Jr. and the Son of Octagon They have already met several times in independent territory, so they know what it is to work together; even currently they are UWE tag team champions; title that they won in June 2019 in a match where Son of Pirate Morgan and Son of LA Park participated; in addition to El Hijo de Dos Caras and Canek Jr.

That is why the member of the CMLL he does not rule out rejoining him, even that the heir to the Master of the Eight Angles reaches the “Serious and Stable.”

«I have a great communication with the Son of Octagón; I always tell him to come to the CMLLHe is very talented, I think he can play a great role within the company. The fans would be struck by seeing again the Magic Couple as my father (Atlantis) and Mr. Octagón called it ”, commented Atlantis Jr.

Nor did he rule out joining the Son of Sacred Mask, remembering that his father with the other two fighters were great idols; they even won the National Tercias Championship against the Thundercats in 1991.

However, although the Son of Octagón has already stepped on the Arena MéxicoIt could be difficult for him to do a season, since the legal issue with AAA still seems to be not over.

►Atlantis Jr. is CMLL champion

Despite a short career time (he debuted in 2019), Atlantis Jr. has made a good impression, as he has shown to have the weapons to shine in Mexican wrestling.

He is currently the National Couples Champion with Flyer, a scepter that he has once defended. In addition, this scepter was once carried by his father next to Angel Azteca. And as if that were not enough, these are the fighters with whom the scepter that had not been disputed since 2011 was reactivated, when Octagón and La Parka left it vacant.

There are just a few days left so you can support the fighter and collaborator of SUPER LUCHAS, Heavy Boy, with any amount. who is raising funds for a delicate surgery.