WEE : Angry Miz Girl reacts to The Miz’s victory at WWE Elimination Chamber

By Sebastián Martínez – PUBLISHED ON 02/22/2021 AT 11:50 AM

Caley, known to the WWE Universe as Angry Miz Girl, is a fan who gained fame in 2010 for reacting in a very curious way to a victory for The Miz for the WWE Championship. In fact, her reaction was so viral that WWE decided to award her the award for ‘Reaction of the Year’ at the Slammy Awards 2010. More than ten years later, she has given her opinion on the matter after The Miz managed to win the title for second time in his career.

Abhilash Mendhe, from Sportskeeda, contacted her in the last hours to give her point of view on what happened at Elimiantion Chamber. Caley pointed out that your opinion of The Miz has changed in recent years and he considers himself to be one of the best champions when he plays the character of heel, something he is also doing today.

“Personally, I think he is one of the best on the roster, I know it is a big change in my opinion compared to 10 years ago, but I love him when he’s a heel championI think he has the personality for that, “Caley stated.” I loved meeting The Miz and he was always very nice to me. He worked really hard, so I definitely think he deserves it. “

The Miz mentions Angry Miz Girl after winning the title

As we’ve previously reported, The Miz used the memory of Angry Miz Girl to take it out on fans who never believed in him. “I told you,” stated The Miz. “I am a master of strategy, I think more than anyone in all of WWE,” he continued. “Cry, go ahead and cry, and keep doing it because that’s the fuel that lights my fire. I am your WWE Champion whether you like it or not. Ten years ago we had an Angry Miz Girl and I hope, and pray, that there are thousands and thousands, millions of Angry Miz Girls here, right now, sobbing, crying, wishing that Drew McIntyre would continue to be their WWE champion. He is not, I am. So this is me saying that now I’m happy to be ‘Awesome’. See you at WrestleMania, or Monday Night RAW, whichever I feel like because I’m champion and I’ll do whatever I want! “

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Sebastian Martinez

Sebastian Martinez
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