WEE : AJPW: Champion Carnival 2021 tournament announced

All Japan Pro Wrestling announced the full tournament schedule Champion Carnival of this year, which will take place in the first third of 2021.



The Champion Carnival is their main annual individual tournament, and it will begin on April 9 at EDION Arena Osaka # 2 and conclude on May 3 at Tokyo Korakuen Hall. There will be ten functions within which the competition will take place.

► Champion Carnival 2021 – Dates and venues

• April 9 at EDION Arena Osaka # 2
• April 10 at the Nagoya Congress Center
• April 11 in Niigata
• April 17 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
• April 18 at 2AW Square in Chiba
• April 24 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
• April 25 at Tokyo Korakuen Hall
• April 28 in Kanagawa
• April 29 at Tokyo Korakuen Hall
• May 3 at Tokyo Korakuen Hall

In 2020 due to Covid-19, the Champion Carnival was postponed until September, with the final being held on October 5, with Zeus proclaiming himself the winner after beating Kento Miyahara in the grand final.

► Champion Carnival 2021 – Participants



For this edition, there will be 10 participants, all Japanese fighters, since due to the World Coronavirus Pandemic, it is very difficult to invite foreign gladiators. Therefore the competitors will be:

* Suwama
* Zeus
* Kento Miyahara
* Shuji Ishikawa
* Jake Lee
* Yuma Aoyagi
* Shotaro Ashino
* Koji Doi
* Kohei Sato
* Shinjiro Otani

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